Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laird Creek Farm 1

Hi from Nelson, British Columbia!
I am wwoofing on this amazing medicinal herb farm in Kootney Lake Region.  The Kootney region is part of the Columbia River running south to Spokane, Washington.  On the pollution global maps this area boasts the cleanest water and air in the world!
The farm is run by Dianne Luchtan.  She has lived in the region for 40 years.  She is a true medicine woman, women's rights activist, and revolutionary.  She is on the cutting edge of sustainability and environmental issues. Her land is 30 acres, most of it still forest and Laird creek runs through it.  Her 2 sons and their families live here in their separate homes (one son lives in his converted very cool bus!) Her sisters also live here.
Her business, Laird Creek Essentials, is medicinal tinctures, creams and salves.  She also sells heritage, organic seeds.  Along with the growing of some medicinal herbs, she grows all of her own fruit and vegetables for the year.  Which means right now, being fall, we are picking for freezing and preserving for winter and harvesting seeds for spring seed sales.  She also participates in 2 local festivals at the end of the month.
Her water comes from an artisan well and they just hooked a pump to the Laird creek.  She is in the process of researching water power alternative energy to eventually live off the grid.  We recycle everything!!!!  I mean almost everything!!  She only takes 1 large trash bag to the dump once a month!  This house also practices "no new plastic" and everything she buys is local with the exception of coffee (and that is fair trade organic)! 
Fare Thee Well.....more photos to come!
Pioneer Janet

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